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Chakra Color Therapy

Stimulate your mind, body and spirit by opening your body's 7 chakra centers simultaneously

Chakra color therapy activates the endocrine system to promote wellness and boost your body’s natural healing abilities, meanwhile creating balance in the mind, body, and spirit. After your one-hour session, you will begin to experience a feeling of aliveness and enhanced energy levels.
The Brilliant color spectrum of the chakra color therapy will send you on a transformational journey at the stress management clinic today

Equilibrium beauty MD  is the place to be, to enchant your day, recharge positive energy, and pamper your mind with the comfort to know that your skin is in good hands. 

Our location is easy to get to from almost anywhere in Miami, I know traffic may be an issue but remember to leave early and avoid delays. Use google map or wasp app to better find the shortest way to get to us.  

If you have any symptoms of flu or discomfort , you can always call 24 hours prior to your date to re-schedule.

Chakra Color Therapy
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Chakra Color Therapy

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