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We now have available at Equilibrium Beauty MD the Exosomes, these are stem cells extracted from the Umbilical Cord. They are a super option for skin rejuvenation. The best way to use them is with Dermapen, Microneedling with RF or Laser Scanner. You apply them topical after the treatment, reducing downtime to almost none. They also have an incredible effect on skin rejuvenation by producing a large amount of Collagen and elastin.

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Other benefits of exosomes include:

Because of the anti-inflammatory proteins, exosomes reduce inflammation, which is a central mechanism of many skin conditions.

Exosomes have been reported to stimulate cells such as fibroblast and endothelial cells that are involved in healing damaged tissue by the formation of new blood vessels. Also, exosomes improve the survival of damaged tissue, accelerate skin revitalization and reduce scaring.

Exosomes have the capacity to enhance tissue remodeling by promoting a normal lattice structure of collagen fibers for reduce scaring and more normal healing.

All medical procedures are performed at the highs standards, we take precautions that they are safe for you. It is our mission that you feel and experience the best treatment in town. 

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