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LED Light Therapy

Only Doctors And Skin Specialist Can Recommend This Therapy
Texture And Tone With LED Light Therapy

The following are the functions of the two most common color light therapies:
Red Light at 640 nm The red light’s wavelength is 630 mm, it has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source, and energy density well-proportioned, and has notable effects in skin care, health care, and cure, named as biologic active light. The red light can enhance the cell’s activity, promote cell metabolism, make skin excrete a large number of collagen protein and fiber tissue to fill on their own; accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, and improve withered and yellow dark condition skin. Then achieve the efficacy of anti-aging,anti-oxidation, and repairing skin.

Blue Light at 415nm Has a wavelength of 415mm, the blue light reduces inflammation, reduces acne by killing the bacteria with no injury to any adjacent tissue, and decreases inflammation caused by acne.

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