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VelaShape III

This is a cellulite solution

Many women over the age of 20 have some degree of cellulite, concentrated fat cells that leave a lumping effect on skin, often referred to as “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” skin. Sad labels, but yes, cellulite is often most visible around the thighs, hips, and buttocks of women. Women who are not overweight or relatively young may also suffer from cellulite problem.

There is cure: VelaShape III is a non-surgical medical device for body reshaping and cellulite treatment. VelaShape III treats deeper tissue as well as the upper layers of the skin. VelaShape III helps reduce fat layers and diminish the appearance of cellulite.


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VelaShape III combines radio-frequency and infrared-light energy with suction and mechanical massage to stimulate collagen production and help metabolize the fatty deposits that cause dimpling. By using a gentle suction (ensuring contact with the skin and tissue) it heats up fat cells, breaking them apart, and pushing them to lymph nodes for the body to dispose of fat naturally.


The treatment feels like an intense slightly warm massage. VelaShape III uses suction to smooth the skin during treatment, delivering the radio frequency evenly. The method reduces the number of fat cells and treats the intra-fat structure itself, so the treated area becomes smoother and more elastic. Based on feedback from our patients and studies across the United States, all patients report improvement in the appearance of cellulite, and they also report a circumference reduction of the thighs (1-2 inches reduction in most patients).

Patients report that the treatment typically feels like a massage with minor pinching sensation. Sometimes mild bruising can occur. Patients report that the treatment typically feels like a massage with minor pinching sensation. Sometimes mild bruising can occur.

This question should be asked at the office, all bodies are different and have different reactions to the treatment. 

VelaShape III does not only do massage and suction (common anti-cellulite machines offer just that – only temporary improvement of the appearance of cellulite), but VelaShape also uses infrared light and radio frequencies to heat the fat cells which allows the machine to disperse and remove them. The results are greater and more permanent.

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